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UpDo Lift

As we age, our faces lose volume, while our necks develop excess skin and muscle banding. Most plastic surgeons treat this facial and neck aging with a traditional facelift, which can cause noticeable scarring in front of the ears, shortening of the sideburns, and distortion of the appearance of the ear.

The traditional facelift also involves separating the skin from the fat and lifting that fat and tissue off the muscle. This can lead to the loss of the skin's vasculature and fat trauma and may potentially leave you with an unnatural or even more aged appearance. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Alessi, has developed revolutionary and minimally invasive techniques to beautify and renew your face while preserving the natural blood supply to the skin and facial tissues. This is best combined with Dr. Alessi’s Targeted Injected Microfat Sculpting (TIMS) procedure to connect volume issues associated with aging. Dr. Alessi's UpDo and U-Lift techniques use innovative shaping and sculpting techniques on the face and neck to help you look refreshed and youthful.

Benefits of the UpDo Lift Include:

Eliminates typical scars

Long lasting results

High fat survival

Avoids a windswept[t look

Avoids a surprised look and baldness

Less invasive

Quicker healing

Maintains you

Doesn’t alter the tragus (the prominence in front of the opening of the ear)

Brow rotation, not lift

Sculpting and shaping, not pulling and sewing

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