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David Alessi, MD, FACS

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State of the Art Scar correction by the Scar masters

At the Alessi Institute, our surgeons are world-class scar surgeons. We have developed the concept of Cosmetic Scar Reconstruction and Cosmetic Burn Scar Reconstruction. Scars can occur from trauma, diseases such as acne, burns, and surgery. We utilize a whole host of cutting-edge techniques and will tailor a plan around your specific desires. The exact treatment depends on if it is simple persistent redness, minor contour defects or major contour defects, or missing tissue. Modalities include PRP and nanofat to reestablish lost collagen in scarred areas. Fractionated laser is great for reducing minor contour defects.  IPL and ND: YAG lasers are very effective in reducing the redness of scars. Microfat injections are great for filling many scars that are depressed. Reclosure of scarred incisions, reconstruction with under tissue, and even expanding skin to grow new skin can help more advanced scars.

For many patients with scars, the goal of the original treatment was to establish closure of areas of skin loss or surgery/trauma defects. The second goal was to establish function of the involved areas. Far too often, the patient was released from care at this point despite the patient not feeling "whole." At the Alessi Institute, our Scar Master surgeons will go beyond traditional scar treatment with the goal of maximizing the cosmetic appearance.  This new philosophy in scar and burn care is revolutionizing the expectations of patients worldwide. Give us a ring and find out what we can do for you!


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