Not All Fat is Bad Fat

Most peoples instant thought when they hear "fat" is negative. We want to get rid of the fat. Lose it. Laser it away. Tummy tuck. Make it go away. But did you know that fat can also be a positive thing for you; Fat injections will help fill out deep wrinkles or scars, or help to plump up areas such as lips for a fuller appearance. The advantage of fat injections is that because the fat is taken from your body, the body won't reject it as it can with fillers based on “foreign” materials – those that come from outside your body.


Let us teach you more about fat injections: 


What is the first step?

First, Dr. Alessi will determine the best site to use to extract the fat that will be injected under your skin to fill in your lines and wrinkles or provide fullness. The outer thigh or hip area is one of the most common donor sites since most people's thighs have fat tissue that can be spared without a noticeable change in appearance. 

What is the recovery process like after fat injections?

Most people experience some minor discomfort as well as temporary slight bruising, swelling, and redness in both the donor and injection sites. These effects usually resolve within a few days to a week or so. 

Who is a good candidate for fat injections?

Since we use our own tissue, fat injections have a lower risk of complications compared to procedures that use other materials. Good candidates for fat injection are typically those who have no blood disorders or immune system problems, who are in good general health, and who have realistic expectations about the results they can achieve through the procedure. Dr. Alessi will discuss any other potential considerations during your evaluation and consultation appointment.


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