Most everyone interested in learning about cosmetic surgery wants to read and hear about actual patient experiences. Thankfully, many of our patients agree to share the positive experience they’ve had at Alessi Institute of Beverly Hills. We serve a number of doctors who regularly refer their own patients, but also choose Alessi Institute for their own personal, cosmetic services.

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery patients are the reason we continue to meet so many others in our office hoping to improve a physical feature and increase their self image. More than 85% of our referrals come from established patients who have expressed how fortunate they were to have chosen the Alessi Institute for their surgical or non-surgical rejuvenation.


“We really appreciate the attention and support you have given us. We are so grateful.”
-Patient PC

“Dr. Alessi, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we both appreciated what you have done and the manner in which you have done it.”
-Patient CNE

“Nobody touches my face but Dr. Alessi.”
-Patient MM

“I will be forever grateful to Dr. Alessi at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.”
-Patient TN

“Dr. Alessi rocks!”
-A celebrity on MTV news

“I had my nose done by three other surgeons and nobody could get it right except for Dr. Alessi.”
-Patient F

“I am known as a beautiful woman, but only Dr. Alessi has the talent to maintain and enhance my features.”
-Patient DF

“At my age I never thought I could achieve this with surgery.”
-Patient BL

“I really loved all the staff at Dr. Alessi’s facial institute. My husband and I both appreciate how Dr. Alessi devoted his undivided attention directly to me. He looks at the all-over appearance and explains what would best suit me. I really love his friendliness and bedside manners as well as the staff. Thanks a lot!”
-Patient AG

“Go for it! It makes you feel better about yourself.”
-Patient DR

“My appearance is enhanced and my self esteem is better. I get compliments on my new look from my relatives and friends. This procedure has brought about positive changes to my lifestyle and confidence. Even my own family has considered having cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an art form in its own right.”
-Patient DD

“I wanted surgery and felt a lot better about it after speaking with Dr. Alessi. He made me feel very comfortable. He is much more professional in my opinion than any other doctor I have seen recently. I really trust him.”
-Patient DR

“I had gone to many cosmetic consultations in reference to my nose, but I continued to put off the surgery for one excuse or another. Then I came across Dr. Alessi. It was the best choice for me. The staff is friendly and Dr. Alessi is a sweet person who is very patient and informative with the surgical information. Dr. Alessi had made me feel confident from the moment I walked through the door to my preops.”
-Patient KD

“I feel wonderful, like a new person since surgery. I cannot believe how good I look! Thank you so much Dr. Alessi. Since my surgery I have learned to love myself again and my husband loves the new look of his wife. Thank you so much.”
-Patient MK

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the time, effort and level of care you have displayed towards me. I have never been in an office that has shown such professionalism and made the experience so personal. I am thankful for the opportunity to be one of your patients.”
-Patient GB

“I am very impressed with the whole office from my first phone call to my office visit; everyone made me feel so comfortable.”
-Patient BM

“Thank you so much for taking care of me and bringing out a new me. I feel so better since my change. I will definitely tell anyone about this procedure and go and visit Dr. Alessi. His office has been so friendly and accommodating. Your kindness is appreciated.”
-Patient WT