The Alessi Institute is a cosmetic plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills focusing on facial plastic surgery. Our practice is also home to some of the finest breast and body contouring specialists around. We offer a host of comprehensive surgical and non surgical treatment options proven to help you maintain a youthful-looking appearance or restore areas of the face and body that have been altered by age, pregnancy, weight loss, sun damage or other factors over the years. We are in the business of helping you look and feel your best, not only on the outside, but on the inside too. The true rewards of our efforts are seen every day in the confidence our patients exude following their procedures. But our belief is that maintaining beauty starts with prevention.    Learn about OUR PHILOSOPHY.


If you’re not ready to jump into cosmetic improvement through a surgical option, don’t be discouraged. We can provide incredibly, dramatic results through a variety of safe, effective non-invasive treatments that require little to NO downtime! Many of the these treatments are performed within minutes…on your lunch break…having you back to work or other activities within an hour! A combination of in-office, non surgical treatments is popularly referred to as the “Lunch-Time” Facelift. However. Dr. David Alessi developed the FAB Facelift, a combination of treatments that can provide results much like those seen from a traditional, surgical facelift. Patients who have chosen our FAB Facelift™ say they look five to ten years younger.

Each of the following non surgical services can be performed separately to address only specific areas of concern or in combination for a more overall improvement.

• Fab Facelift™
• Laser Resurfacing
• Botox Cosmetic®
• Dermal Fillers to include Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra
• Alessi Skin Care Products developed by Dr. David Alessi

For those who wish to make a more permanent surgical improvement, our skilled specialists can help you to restore, contour, repair, or rejuvenate physical features of the face and body. Our surgeons are board certified in the following specialties:

• Facial Plastic Surgery (Face & Neck)
David Alessi, M.D., FACS

• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Face, Breasts and Total Body)
Ghada Y. Afifi, M.D., FACS

Learn more about our services and each physician’s training and experience throughout this web site.